This is my research notebook. I'm an OSX / iOS indie developer. After 8 years of Objective-C I really enjoy Swift nowadays. Trying to publish all my research on Development, Swift & other technologies here.



I have always been interested in music especially, the production of electronic music. Back in 1994 when I got my first soundcard, I immediately started creating electronic music 1 . In the following years, I constantly kept creating electronic music on the side and improve my studio as well as my knowledge.

Back in 2002, two of my tracks were included on the sampler 'Project Majestic Mix - Squaredance' which was a fanmade album of various Square Enix game music tracks, arranged in the style of dance music. This was mostly because I'd been active as a remixer of video game music on OCRemix.

After that, I concentrated on my own productions and released them on my web label Sarbatka. However, in 2005 work took over and I couldn't continue music production.

Now that I am a indie developer I have more free time again so I recently started producing music again, mostly as a way to have an alt hobby that has nothing to do with software development. I'm releasing my track on SoundCloud.

1 Sample Tracks



Back then using so called music trackers, like Scream Tracker or Impulse Tracker

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